Photo Gallery

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Our Gallery section continues to grow as we post photos from the various club events, performer's appearances, and other happenings worthy of photographic recording.

The various events are listed below with most recent items at the top. Each event will open to a new page showing a slideshow of group of thumbnails. Click a thumbnail for a larger view if one is available.

NOTE: These photo galleries and slideshows use Javascript to display the images and features of each page. If you have Javascript (or "scripting") disabled in your browser you may get a security warning or the special display with caption and forward/back buttons will not appear. Turn on scripting to see this display or leave it off to merely display the image without extra features. If you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer, you may need to allow it to display 'blocked content'. It's OK; there's no harmful content here!

Currently the following events have gallery pages:

  1. SMC Christmas Party at Barb Litchfield's
       December 2nd, 2015    --New, slideshow format--

  2. Jon Armstrong Lecture
       September 2nd, 2015    --New, slideshow format--

  3. Masselow's Special Session
       December 20, 2014    --New, slideshow format--

  4. SMC Summer Picnic
       August 5, 2015    --Slideshow format--

  5. Eric Stevens Lecture
       June 21, 2014    --Slideshow format--

  6. SMC Magic Performance Contest
       November 9, 2013    --Slideshow format--

  7. Summer Picnic at Valley Mission Park
       July 10, 2013    --Slideshow format--

  8. Tour to Mel Babcock's workshop
       June 22, 2013    --Slideshow format--

  9. HOPE Preschool Benefit Show
       March 8, 2013    --Slideshow format--

  10. David Neighbors Lecture
       April 14, 2012    --Slideshow format--

  11. David Ginn Lecture
       August 17, 2012    --Slideshow format--

  12. HOPE Preschool Benefit Show
       February 10, 2012   

  13. Matthew Van Zee at Chinese New Year Celebration
       January 22, 2012   

  14. Corbin Center Benefit Show
       July 30, 2011    --Slideshow format--

  15. Master Payne Lecture
       June 23, 2011    --Slideshow format--

  16. Spokane Tribal College Benefit at Wellpinit
       May 14, 2011   

  17. HOPE Preschool Benefit Show
       April 23, 2010   

  18. Troy Hooser Lecture
       March 15, 2010   

  19. The Future of Magic show
       May 4, 2009   

  20. Jim Pace Lecture
       March 23, 2009   

  21. Dave Womach Lecture
       December 8, 2008   

  22. Magic Performance Contest
       November 3, 2008   

  23. Garden Expo Performers
       Spring 2008   

  24. Duane Laflin Lecture
       Spring 2008   

  25. Magic Performance Contest
       November 5, 2007   

  26. Summer Picnic, Mission Park
       July 27, 2007